dogi skill dealers crew

Personal Information
Name: Peter
Surname: Kuti
Birth date: 03-05-1984
Origin: Pécs, Hungary

Early years
Peter started dancing in 1999 with his first crew called Sons Of God. With this crew he performed for 12 years, during which he participated in many remarkable shows and won several dance competitions all around Europe. With Sons Of God he performed on both stage and street.
In 2011 Peter joined his current crew, the Skill Dealers Crew with whom he performs on the streets and takes part in dance battles in The Netherlands.

Working experiences
• Street shows all over Europe: France, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Germany, England, Holland (From 2004 to present)
• Gran Circo Mundial, Spain (2006-2007)
• Aachen Winter Circus, Germany (2012)

Dance Competitions
• Ice ARENA 2on2, I place (Slovakia 2005)
• Circus Red Bull Floor Masters, I place (Budapest, Hungary 2006)
• Metro theater 1on1, I place (Budapest, Hungary 2006)
• Dunaújváros IDO, I place (Hungary 2007)
• Dunaújváros IDO, I place (Hungary 2008)
• Battle of The Year, I place (Hungary 2008)
• Battle of The Year 1on1, I place (Hungary 2008)
• Dunaújváros IDO, I place (Hungary 2009)
• PECSA 1on1, I place (Budapest, Hungary 2009)
• Let’s Get Funky Jam 2on2, I place
and Power Move, I place (Mohács, Hungary 2010)
• Battle Of The Year East Europe, Best Show (Vienna, Austria 2010)
• Balatonboglár 2on2, I place (Hungary 2010)
• Tab 2on2, I place (Hungary 2010)
• Pécs Jam 3on3, I place (Hungary 2011)